Friday, August 21, 2009


Radley Balko, whom I read faithfully and sometimes steal jokes from, has been writing about this for years. It's great that CNN has finally picked it up, though I wish they had credited him.

Of course, I rarely do. Now, go read about the guy whom I sincerely hope is the world's least competent forensic pathologist.

Or you can read about him here.

And here

And, for the full story, here.



kimc said...

Half the people in any group are below average.... We need to have higher standards to practice (in many fields)....But how would you do that?
half the engineers who design things should never have graduated. there is so much bad design in the world.

LinguistFriend said...

I wasn't very often excited by the practitioners at the LA morgue that I used to visit, but I never heard of that sort of incoherent testimony from them. That sort of illogic seems to be a local specialty of the southeastern states (having been born and raised in one of them).