Monday, May 04, 2009

Is Obama a funny guy?

Hold down the fort for me. This morning's post was not an intentional attempt to suck up to theists as to solicit prayers, but hey, if you feel inspired, knock thyself out. As always, CC needs all the help she can get. (Yes, yes, atheists, I also studied.)

Topic for discussion if you feel inspired?

In the words of Chris Rock, Bill Clinton was our nation's greatest comedy president, both because he was funny himself and because he was so easy to make fun of. Memorably, Rock phrased it that Clinton was "ha-ha funny" while George W. Bush was more "this milk smells funny."

Is Obama a good comedy president?

If so, why?

If not, why not?

My answer provided after exam.



David Throop said...

Ipse dixit, he has a funny name.

Steven Rowe said...

I think Obama is a funny guy, but then so was Reagan.

terrifik said...

Obama himself is funny when he's telling the jokes. I find it hard to joke about him though, the political correctness police might come get me, they aren't known for their sense of humor.

PG said...

I find lots of things that are funny about Obama, ranging from 5 year old level to more sophisticated. He has big ears that stick out, a gift to political cartoonists who didn't want to go the "he has this weird non-white hair that's like a chia pet" route. He also works out religiously ... while also being a smoker.

I think "The Daily Show" and "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" have both been effective in mocking Obama without being unPC.