Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Costco now test-marketing accepting food stamps


who first wrote about her issues with Costco not taking foodstamps here.


fausto said...

As they say in some folksy indigenous religious tradition or other, "The ox, he is slow, but the earth, she is patient."

PG said...

The ox is in a recession and too many of its riders are on food stamps to be refusing them.

Diggitt said...

This is something public pressure can change. Costco isn't being asked to reinvent any wheel -- whatever its objections might be (accounting systems? tax issues? computer programming?) Wal*Mart's taking food stamps shows that those problems can be solved and at an acceptable cost.
Why not congregational letter-writing campaigns? The ethical eating program hasn't gotten any traction in my congregation or (so far as I know) the other four UU congregations nearby, but I can imagine synergy between Costco/food stamps and the ethical eating project.