Friday, April 24, 2009

My date with Fred

My facebook photo album of counter-protesting Fred Phelps with my YRUUs is up. If you're on facebook and my friend, check it out!

If we don't know each other in real life or you're on facebook and you'd like to see, I can email you access to it.


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Steve Caldwell said...


A suggestion for your congregation to improve publicity for public witness statements like this would be to create a congregational page on Facebook and put some of the protest pictures on this page.

An example of a congregational page can be found online here:

This would allow people who not Facebook friends to see what your YRUU group did. It would also let potential congregation members see this as well.

That's something you could suggest to your congregation's web team (or webmaster if it's just one person).

The UUA has a very good document with suggestions for promoting one's congregation on Facebook:

These suggestions were compiled by the UU blogger Shelby Meyerhoff:

Take care,