Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love this town 2: 17

Jana-who-Creates was skeptical when I told her how common and blatant
advertising for hookers is in Vegas. This guy's shirt and the
pamphlets he's handing out make that point pretty clear.


Christine Robinson said...

Hello, Chalice Blog

I like your blog posts and have been following them. The twitter stuff is clogging up my system, so I'm signing off. Blessings, Christine

PG said...

Was he advertising for out-of-town hookers? Because that's fine. In-Vegas hookers are illegal.

Steve Caldwell said...

"Officially," the folks who are handing out pamphlets on the street are not advertising "hookers" but rather in-room "exotic dancers," "escorts," or "companionship."

As long as the advertising isn't for an illegal service business (e.g. as long as they are not promoting prostitution explicitly), the folks handing out the pamphlets are engaged in commercial speech that is protected under the First Amendment (even though we know wink-wink, nudge-nudge that some illegal prostitution happens under the umbrella of these legal businesses).