Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An alternative to working out marital disagreements

TheCSO and I weren't as nice to each other last night as we like to be. This morning, he wrote me a snuggly make-up email. I wrote him one right back.

The google ad my "No, Sweetie *I* was a jerk, I'm trying to do better and I love you lots and lots"-themed email generated was:

Get a purpose driven Life - - as a monk, nun, or priest. Free Online Test to see if you're called
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Goodness, it was just a little argument. Let's not be drastic here!



Comrade Kevin said...


I remember once I was struggling with something here on the computer, quite stressed out, and as a way to punctuate my frustration, Skype crashed on me.

The first words on the error screen were: Take a deep breath.

Anonymous said...

What is this, oracle by ad?

PG said...

My fiance is disturbed by all the advertising he's getting for Hot Singles on Facebook despite being Engaged in his profile. And some of the ads know he's engaged, because he gets wedding and groom-related ads too.

Elizabeth J. Barrett said...

How funny to get a recommendation to become a nun! I remember back when my two best straight female friends and I were dating, trying to find UU men. We joked about becoming UU nuns -- living celibate lives in service to our free faith! Hilarious, but we did all eventually marry happily. But only I married a committed UU.