Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 Chaliceblog Restrospective

Ahem, The UU Blog Awards Nominations are up.


I do my best to write about my own church as rarely as humanly possible. But sometimes my YRUUers are so awesome I do it anyway. That was the case with When a YRUU overnight and a meeting of the region transgender group happen on the same night at the same church

Again, I don’t like to write posts about my church, but I’m really glad I wrote that one. In fact, I liked it so much that I read it at the blogging workshop at GA.

Also, I really liked this picture Weird Stuff You See at the Post Office


Ms. Kitty seemed depressed one day in February, so I decided to cheer her up by telling her about how my friend’s kid was married to a skunk. That kid is ZombieKid, btw, I just hadn’t started calling him that at that point.

And I don’t know that The most beautiful words in the English language was all that well-written per se, but I have to say it’s a sentimental favorite of my own.

I served up some well-earned snarkage in Oooh Crappy Starr King Youtube Ad, but otherwise March wasn’t such a great month.

The Don Imus controversy had me writing about offensive humor, and where we should draw the lines in CC’s Complex feelings on Don Imus

Throughout April, I participated extensively in UU-blogosphere-wide discussions of little kids in church, Michael Moore’s trip to Cuba and the Brown-Bag-lunch issue.

I did a little series that began with the Founding Fathers as Asshat Humanists and went on from there.

RevSparker and I decided to talk to rather than at each other over the Brown Bag lunch issue CC and RevSparker say a quick ‘hello'

I wrote about GA 2007 quite a bit of course, both snarkily and thoughtfully.
I like to think I did both with: Things that didn’t speak to me, things that did.

This was a good month. I also wrote my favorite narrative post of the year Lunchtime.

A massage of words found me rethinking my own introversion and the benefits of having dinner with an extrovert every now and again.

I like this short post: All people should be like this

And I also liveblogged Harry Potter and the Dealthly Hallows over two days and wrote a little something after every chapter.

I also wrote a lot about swinging and polyamory. It was a sexy month.


Even cat pee couldn’t keep me from talking to Jana-who-creates in Lying in Cat Pee Friendship


The fall brought a big slowdown in blogging as I started law school. But I still took time to write about the Independent Affiliates situation. I also commented on the the New UUA Commercial.


I wrote Symbolic Outrage as an answer to the question “Well CC, if you don’t approve of protest marches, what sort of political action DO you like?”


Much snarkage about the movie Across the Universe can be found here.

I haven’t written many really personal posts this year. But I wrote A Response to Peacebag’s depression thread and it was pretty good.

And I wrote a silly post about my love of MyCokeRewards points called CC the Coke Fiend.

Most of my better posts aren’t about law school, but So, CC, how’s law school going? was pretty good.

And I finished out the year with If you simply must protest a look at why I think the gay marriage issue is far more worthy of protest than the
checking-IDs-at-the-door-of-GA issue.


Stephanie said...

I nominated you for something on the UU blog awards, only I can't remember what. :) (I've begun to consider my well-intentioned sloppiness my calling card.)

Anonymous said...

CC, the links in this post aren't working as of noon PST.

I plan to nominate your for something nonetheless, as I truly appreciate reading just about everything you post. :)