Friday, November 23, 2007


I haven't forgotten the Chaliceblog. I'm just busy studying.

And recovering from studying.

And planning to study more.

And reading books and taking a tape course about how to study more effectively.

I'm not saying that I won't post before my property exam on December 11, but I won't be myself.

who is thinking of how, upon hearing that I had brought my property textbook to Renn Faire, a friend of the CSO's said "I used to hate you because you got into GULC. Now I'm cured."


Lilylou said...

Hey, glad you're back. I've been missing you but figuring you were booked.

PG said...

Good luck with your studies! My one bit of advice is to get ahold of your profs' old exams so you get a good sense of what kind of questions they ask (and if those exams have model answers, even better).

Chalicechick said...

Oh, I hear you. I've taken two old property exams this weekend, mostly making notes as "issue spotting practice." (I'm good on landlord tenant, OK on servitudes and nusiance, need some work on econmics of property and estates and interests, though I'm thinking an estates and interests flow chart might be in order.)

Am working my way through the LEEWS course on CD. Will start writing full answers when I'm done.


PG said...

I need to make my insanely giant Securities chart this weekend. Flow charts are particularly good for courses that are very statute/ regulation based because you have to match it up against the language. E.g., in the hypothetical, is this a public offering or qualified private placement? If a private placement, has the director done the right things to avoid 12(a)(1) liability? Highly caselaw-based classes are usually asking you to see how a hypothetical is like both case A in some respects and case B in others.

For some reason, I actually was thinking today in Securities class that it seems like something you'd like.