Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CC the Coke Fiend

It all started with a bottle of Dasani and a dull Civil Procedure class.

We were talking about work product and I was sitting there reading my spring water bottle. Hey, it said, look under the cap and text the code you find there to
"2653". Start saving for rewards!

Ok, I thought, I like rewards. I texted it in. "Congratulations!" It said.

I had three points!

Now go online and register! Start saving for rewards!

Ok, I thought. I popped over to register and took a quick look at the available rewards. There was a bitchin' designer purse for several thousand points. (CC has a weakness for designer purses.)


But the next time I had a coke product, I texted in the code. And when my housemate had a 24 pack, I asked her for the code. (That one was 10.)

A few weeks later I have 60 points.

And I can't pass a recycling bin without looking. I eye the diet coke bottle in my boss' hand, wondering if she would mind if I asked for the cap.

I'm becoming sort of weird about it.

So today, I decided to google "My Coke Rewards promotional codes" to see if they were giving away extra codes somewhere on the internet.

I got a promotional code worth a few points out of it, but I also got a disturbing revelation.

My Coke Rewards people are crazy.

There are passionate blog posts on the subject.

Message boards with hundreds of postings.

Over 100 ebay sales

Wow. I had no idea.

Sigh. I don't want to become one of those people. My habit will remain a casual thing.

At the same time, if anybody has a 24 pack of a coke product lying around...



Toonhead said...

I signed up but I keep forgetting to input my codes. My vice is Vault.

Chalicechick said...

The text messaging option is the only reason I have the patience for it. When I drink something, I put the cap in my purse. When I have a minute, I pull the cap out and text it in.

When I got my housemate's 24 pack, I was excited enough to pull my phone out right there.

Only a few thousand beverages to go...


Will said...

What a gas. Very clever. Bordering on the bait and switch.

I suggest, in the face of the impending recession, buying some shares of that KO stock.


epilonious said...

I already got a 450-pt diet coke shirt that says "I am in love with a 25 year old"

I am back up to 160 pts.. this is mainly because my in-laws who drink a lot of diet stuff save their box-tops for me.