Thursday, November 29, 2007

CC reality TV report

(I'm only watching two reality shows, so this will be short.)

America's Next Top Model- It is becoming very clear that Saleisha will win. The judges love her and are apparently totally unable to see the blantant fakeness of her asskissery. I was amazed at how happy I was that a girl who was merely bitchy won the challenge. For two straight seasons, my favorite model has come in fifth and been kicked off at the go-see episode.

Project Runway- The only way Sweet Pea could annoy me more would be if she were to tell the world she's UU. (Don't know that she is, but she seems like the type.) I'm rooting for Kit, partially because she reminds me of Veronica Mars.


ogre said...

Thank you for reaffirming my TV-free existence.


Sounds like she's mastered that cynical pinnacle; if you can fake sincerity, you have it made.

Robin Edgar said...

She must be a U*U then. . . ;-)