Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

CC's friend Margaret, who died last year, sent CC a Star Wars Valentine every year.

Because of that and a few other reasons I'm blue today, which is odd since life has been looking up.

Anyway, I'll continue the tradition.



Lilylou said...

Happy Valentine's Day, CC, and may memories of your friend Margaret warm your heart, even though you are blue and missing her.

I love the picture of ObiWan and have great memories myself of taking my son (now age 34!) to see every Star Wars flick, at least until he was old enough to go with his friends. We sat and stood in an endless line to see one of them on opening day. What an effect George Lucas and his creativity have had on us all!

Anonymous said...

CC-- Enjoy the blues. Then feel better. Margaret would appreciate you thinking of her and the Star Wars valentine tradition.

PeaceBang said...

Well bless her heart. And yours.

I'm wondering if there was ever one with a double entendre about light sabers? One would certainly hope so.