Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Farfax County Virginia Cuircuit Court is closed today

I feel the need to tell you this because it took a solid half hour of searching to find out. Why the Circuit court, the Washington Post, and the Washington Times have well-hidden this information I do not know, but it seems crazy to me not to just have an "inclement weather closings" link someplace obvious. The Fairfax County General District court does this. The link gives a phone number. Calling the phone number gives an answering machine that nicely tells one about the General District Court but says nada about the circuit court.

Naturally the local TV stations' websites have huge red "Weather closings!" links, but do not go into enough detail to tell me about specifically the circuit court. (If you haven't guessed, whether CC went to work today hinged on whether the circuit court was open because her boss follows their decision.)

Anyway, it turns out that the Circuit Court information was on the web page for the County Government. Of course, the Circuit Court's page had said they would only close if the County govenrnment closed, and that page reveals that the county government is open and the circuit court is, in fact, closed.

But hey, whatever, at least I know.

Of course, I just started my new job yesterday and was having fun, and since I'm staying home I should clean the house.

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

So, what is your new job?

RandomRanter said...

Well, I'm glad someone is off today! (Not bitter at all over here...really)

PG said...

My Corporations prof wimped out on showing up, and didn't bother to e-mail the class list -- just had someone post it on the door to the classroom.