Monday, February 26, 2007


We woke up yesterday morning and the whole world had that wedding cake look that comes from new snow. I decided early on that I wasn't going to church and my test prep company canceled the only other thing I had to do that day. (Which is too bad as I had been originally planning to go see Linguist Friend this weekend and I put off the visit because of this big meeting the test prep company was having.)

So theCSO and my housemates and I hung out at home all day.

Early in the day, I suggested three plans for the day:

1. Get drunk.
2. Have a snowball fight.
3. Get drunk AND have a snowball fight.

Plan 3 was unanimously accepted and a couple-vs-couple snowball fight was planned. Trash-talking was had. As the one in the house who grew up with the most virulent siblings, I suspect I would have had a big advantage. But we ended up putting off the snowball fight for another day. We snuck out to Circuit City and bought a Nintendo Wii and used this bizarre Japanese video game theCSO knew about as a drinking game.

Best evening I've had in a long time. (I should mention here that on the whole I'm a pretty serious person not given to heavy amaretto consumption and Japanese video games, but something about being snowed in brings out the impulsive little kid in me.)

Oh yeah, and the Oscars happened and Little Miss Sunshine and a bunch of movies I haven't seen won Oscars.

Yay Little Miss Sunshine, which managed to have quirkiness without a Royal-Tennenbaums-esque feel of manufactured quirkiness.

I woke up to see if the roads were cleaned up enough for me to go to work. Which they are, so I should go have a bottle of water and take an additional nap.


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