Tuesday, December 19, 2006


One of the lawyers at the firm was ordering lunch. He asked one of the assistants,

"Should I get a boring salad, or an exciting salad? Because, deep down, I just want an exciting salad."

CC found great pathos in the idea of a man who, deep down, just wants an exciting salad.



Anonymous said...

Oh, if only I could return to my salad days.

Lilylou said...

How sad that he had to ask someone if he should do what he really wanted.

Anonymous said...

I must say I find pastrami one of those most sensual of all salted, cured, meats.

And quite exciting.

Chalicechick said...

Anonymous, I wonder why such a comment had to be posted anonymously.

Ms. Kitty, I've known people before who wanted to be talked into eating things they felt they shouldn't. I guess this was a case of that.

CK, that was creepy.