Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good news and Bad news re: Billy Graham's Bible Blaster

I wrote this afternoon that if a Chalicesseur would buy me the new "Left Behind" video game, I would play it and review it, both for game quality and religion content.

A Chalicesseur did that for me, which I very much appreciate. But in the comments a couple of people have compared the Left Behind game to the Simpsons Episode where the Flanders kids and Bart play "Billy Graham's Bible Blaster."

You guys do know you can play "Billy Graham's Bible Blaster" right on the internet, don't you?

Click here, which takes you to a virtual file drawer on The Simpsons website. Then click the tab for F-H, then click Rod Flanders, then click on the Bible Blasters icon.

Good news? CC's personal record is 7 heathens converted.

The bad news? Unlike in the episode, the Heathens do NOT become Unitarians if you just wing them.

Believe me, I tried over and over.

I was shooting to wing.



Anonymous said...

Second try, I got 8! :)

Eric Sieck said...

Well, I couldn't wing any, but I converted 10 heathens. It's not that tought.

Eric Sieck said...