Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Joel has some interesting things to say here


CK said...

Yeah, that was a good post. I haven't commented on it (or other threads about Robin) because there isn't much to say.

He hasn't insulted me on my blog, and he's responded when I've asked him to limit his links in his comments. I haven't taken a stand one way or the other on the initial dispute or the subsequent arguments online. But it's painful to see the other things going on--indrax trying to "reach out", getting angry, etc.

Having watched theological arguments from inside of the Christian church, and seeing how intractable both sides become, especially as time goes on, I have little hope for reconciliation. It's a hard enough task when banal issues are involved; when you're talking about core beliefs and revelatory experiences, that's beyond hard.

indrax said...

I'll not be getting angry anymore. I've decided to take a much more detached approach for now.

I'm still going to engage Robin, but only on my own terms.

I welcome suggestions about what to do.