Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hanging out with my favorite hippie

I was hanging out with Edie-who-sells-books tonight and we were talking about nutrition. She complained that if she drinks at all, she's sweaty the next day.

"That's weird. I get sick if I have much hard liquor, which means I don't drink much at all these days, but my realy problem is caffiene. I'm getting to where if I have any of it I get weirdly paranoid." I explained.

"You know what used to do that to me?" Edie said, "getting high." I laughed. "No, really, I always thought anyone who looked at me would know. One time we had a 100 pound bag of pot in the trunk of my car and..."

"Edie!" I said with mock consternation. "That's a bag of pot the size of, like, Calista Flockhart!"

"I know, I know" Edie said, making me wish I hadn't interrupted her. "Well, you don't want to hear my old hippie stories..."

"Are you kidding?" I said, "Edie, you are my all-time favorite hippie."

That seemed to really touch Edie. "That is SUCH a sweet thing to say," she said.

"It's not that much of a compliment. You should see how obnoxious all the other hippies I've known have been," I said.

"Oh, I KNOW." She said "Honey, I was THERE."

I have the coolest friends.


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