Saturday, October 21, 2006

FWIW, CC got a 171 on the LSAT

A171 is lower than some of my practice tests, so I'm a tiny bit dissatisfied, but it's also 98th percentile, so I'm probably a bit irrational for feeling that way. I will be able to teach it for my test prep company without any problem, and it is above the 75th percentile for all my schools.

My big hope was that I would really rock it at get a 175+, my big fear was that I'd get to a set of problems I didn't know and choke and do far worse than I did.

Neither happened. So there we go.



CK said...

Congrats on the high percentile! I think practice tests must be deceiving in some way, because I had the same experience with the Math portion of the GRE. It sounds like you've done well, though!

Epilonious said...

Congratulations! I think you did fantastic!

The Happy Feminist said...


fausto said...

I'm not the least surprised.

Both that you did so well, and that you wish you did better.

What a classic Unitarian.

kim said...

and congratulations on 98th percentile -- that's damn good.

PG said...

"so I'm probably a bit irrational for feeling that way."

Yes :-)