Friday, October 20, 2006

A big thanks to someone who knows who they are

Several of you probably read the headline and thought something like "Actually, I know who I am, but I'm not the person CC is likely addressing. Probably a lot of Chalicesseurs know who they are. UUs and other people nifty enough to hang around with CC are pretty self-actualized on the whole..." Or maybe I'm the only one who overthinks like that.

Anywhoo, for the first time in its existence, someone not related to me or already my IRL friend hit the Buy me stuff, I'm cute button in the sidebar and sent me something. I was expecting another book on poisons* and brought the box in from my porch expecting that, but found instead a book from my amazon wishlist with an appreciative note from someone who shall remain anonymous as I'm pretty sure that person would prefer it that way.

FWIW, Alison Bechdel's other work is good, though doesn't pack quite the punch of Fun Home, Bechdel's simply brilliant autobiography.

The other thing I've read in comic book form recently is the 9-11 report. FWIW, the more one reads of the 9-11 report, in comic book form or no, the more impossible a conspiracy behind it seems. Reading it in either form makes one understand a) how realistic all the problems on the day of the tragedy were and the mass confusion that the attack created and b) the truly mind-boggling number of people who would have to have been in on the conspiracy, all apparently unquestioningly loyal to those in charge and OK with killing thousands of people. A conspiracy just doesn't make sense+.

While the report has more wonky details in the book form, it makes its points far more clearly in the comic. Reading the comic made me wish more government reports were produced this way.

TheCSO is out gaming tonight, so CC is home, fed, and about to get back to work on her novel...


*Again, I'm writing a mystery. Actually, this research is partially a form of procrastination. But these last few chapters have come pretty slowly. And now nobody in my life can ever die mysteriously or I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do.

+Speaking of things that don't make sense. Do the conspiracy theorists have an explanation of how the government got a bunch of people related to Al Queada on the planes?

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