Monday, October 02, 2006

Are you a "thoughtful observer" or a "daring thrill-seeker?"

Y'all have to see the CIA's recruiting site. Well, presumably it's one of them. If you take the "CIA personality quiz" (CC came up "thoughtful observer," FWIW,) there is a disclaimer at the end that says:

The myths quiz is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Responses to questions are not saved, and the CIA has no access to your personal information. This quiz will not affect your ability to qualify for a career with the CIA.

Spiffy. The actual career site when you get past the quiz is pretty cool, but my understanding from my friends who've worked there is that they don't like bloggers. Ah well.



Anonymous said...

I scored a thoughtful observer but don't really know what that means. It seems to translate to me as a lazy person. Oh well. What type of person wants to work for the CIA? I suppose being a civil servant would be swell given the current recession but who wants to go through the strange process designed to see if you are some Cuban infiltrator or perhaps a budding Dr. No. I wonder what happens if all your lie detector test results come back inconclusive? What a bizarre question to ask on New Years day?

Anonymous said...

People keep identifying a Thoughtful Observer as a Jack Ryan type character, but closer to the truth would be a character like Robert Redford played ( a 'reader') in "Three Days of the Condor".