Thursday, October 05, 2006


ms. kitty said...

Hmmm, questions abound, LinguistFriend. A self-portrait? A visual for your class to ponder? A depiction of your true calling? A glimpse into your mind?

Tell us more, please

LinguistFriend said...

CC and I considered whether I should have a picture comparable to her Titian "Venus at the mirror" self-image. I don't score very high in that department, but I do really like Erasmus, and I have spent a lot of time with early Greek Christian literature, so I decided to try using Holbein's portrait of Erasmus as a personal image. Erasmus and Froben, of course, were the first ones to get the Greek NT published (1516), although the Alcala/Complutensis edition was in print first. I was really trained first as a linguist-philologist,
immersed in Byzantine and Christian Greek texts, and have published something on intertestamental literature for the Society of Biblical Lit., so there is a lot of truth to it.

Chalicechick said...

In technical blogger terms, he wanted Erasmus as a profile image. To make that happen, we needed to put the picture on the chaliceblog so blogger is pulling the image from here rather than pulling it from wherever he found it.

For whatever reason, blogger did not let us straight upload the profile image into blogger, it needs to be pulled from someplace.


ms. kitty said...

That answers a couple of questions. Too bad it's not possible (at least I don't think so) to pull an image into St. Google and get a list of where it appears.

I do see the resemblance, though. You chose well, LF.