Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hat tip to theCSO Mom

I totally feel for the people at the beginning who look like they want to call the cops, but like them I was won over by the end. And you gotta love the lady at 2:28 who is blandly buying her train ticket and ignoring everything that is going on.

whose blog is not going to become your source for flash mob dance videos, but Kim HAD complained that my previous flash mob dance video had matching costumes. So now I've posted one that doesn't.

On the other hand, if you have anything around halfway as hilarious as Fisticuffs Club, the Chalicemailbag is always open.


kimc said...

Thanks. That one has more surprise power.

PG said...

I think that Single Ladies one was actually some kind of corporate promo, so I get Kim's point that it wasn't quite an "authentic" flashmob.

Chalicechick said...

Well, yeah, but the "Single Ladies" one:

1. Was in black and white

2. Was in London (a city CC loves)

3. Reminded CC of Glee

So it was full of win as well, IMHO, and again, I did find this Belgian one quite good in different ways.


hafidha sofia said...

This one is also a corporate promo, but if I'd been there I would have still watched. I'm all for free spectacles with low likelihoods of death.

PG said...

A bit in the Fisticuffs style.