Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I shall repeat myself.

If I were a parent I would instruct my child as follows:

"If a teacher or administrator at your school ever wants to strip search you, demand that they call your parents. Then sit down on the ground and don't move until I arrive. If anyone bothers you, start repeating the words "lawsuit, lawsuit" until they stop."

Another strip-search story. This one with five girls.

amazed that teenage BOYS never seem to do anything that requires strip searching.


Strange Attractor said...

This repetition is most welcome. Tonight is the teenaged daughter's school open house so it's actually a great time to talk about this. I am e-mailing this to her right now.

Your advice is right on.

DairyStateDad said...

Sharing this with DairyStateMom, who posted the Salon link on this story to her Facebook page.

Joel Monka said...

I don't think the it's that the school officials don't want to strip search the boys, I think they're afraid of the boys. The girls are unable to beat them up, and unlikely to shoot them later.

Lilylou said...

I am just astounded that any school thinks it can actually get away with this kind of discipline.

Robin Edgar said...

:"I guess I really can't comment on that because of confidentiality of those involved," Crozier said.

Don't you just LOVE how implicated people (mis)use the principle of confidentiality to avoid accountability?

WVC = coproc

hafidha sofia said...

Abuse of power and public humiliation is common-place in schools; strip searches are just one example.

John A Arkansawyer said...

I strongly recommend that you not look at the comments on that story. I did, and I regret it.

Chalicechick said...


I don't mind at all that Crozier didn't comment further when asked for "more details" on exactly what happened.

I don't need more details on what happened than "strip searched" and find it kinda pervy that people asked. If the girls want the details to be known, they are free to go to the press, as one girl's sister did. But there's too much prurient interest in this already and I don't mind at all that the Superintendent didn't add to it with his own lurid description.

My interest in what happened ends at "strip search" and shifts to not letting it happen again.