Saturday, September 19, 2009

Total fluff on a Saturday

In June, our Tivo broke. TheCSO and I were totally like "We should fix that," but I was like "Eh, we have until August 20."

August 20 came and went, and we still have no TIVO.

I was complaining about my Project-Runway-denied-existence to Random Ranter last weekend, and she said "You realize that the old episodes are all online?"

Erm, no, I didn't.

So anyway, I'm caught up on Project Runway now (Team Gordana). But almost even better than that, someone realized that online episodes of PR were the perfect place to do commercials that were actual LESSONS on hair and makeup teaching people to USE L'Oreal and Garnier products to make themselves look awesome.

Very clever.



epilonious said...

Also, if you listen to my podcast, you can hear bitchy gay perspectives on Project Runway.

I am team Anyone But Nicolas (formerly team Anyone But Mitchell and Anyone But Johnny).

Also, what is it with people being named Johnny being high on the doucheometer when it comes to fashion reality shows (on "The Fashion Show"... One Johnny was the first to go home and the second one was a skeezy fashion xerox)

RandomRanter said...

The TWoP review has some choice words for Johnny. Right now I have many faves including Carol Hannah and Minnesota dude (Chris?).