Monday, September 07, 2009

I ask you...

The Godfather movies notwithstanding, has anybody ever made a gangster movie as good as "Miller's Crossing"?

Eddie Dane: Where's Leo?

Hitman at Verna's: If I tell you, how do I know you won't kill me?

Eddie Dane: Because if you told me and I killed you and you were lying I wouldn't get to kill you *then*. Where's Leo?

Hitman at Verna's: He's moving around. He's getting his mob together tomorrow night.
Whisky Nick's.

Eddie Dane: You sure?

Hitman at Verna's: Check it. It's gold.

Eddie Dane: You know what, yegg? I believe you.



Transient and Permanent said...

Short answer: yes, Goodfellas. But as awesome as many gangster movies are, the list drops off quickly after Godfather I and II, Miller's Crossing, and Goodfellas. Miller's Crossing is so good that I've only watched it a few times in my life, so I won't get too used to it and thus can enjoy it at the same level every once in a while.

kimc said...

I don't see movies that have gratuitous or graphic violence in them.
Movie-makers are the shamen of our culture, but they have no shamanic training.

hafidha sofia said...

That really is a great movie.

Joel Monka said...

The plural of shaman is NOT shamen- "sha" is not a prefix, and the "man" is not the English word "man". Sorry to be anal about it, but for some reason it bugs me.

Now I need to get Miller's Crossing from Netflix- after you wrote about The Other Boleyn Girl, I saw it and liked it.

Chalicechick said...


At least for now, you can STREAM it from Netflix and watch it on your computer.


kimc said...

Joel -- I wondered about that, but I still don't know what the plural of shaman is....

Joel Monka said...

Kim- anthropoligists borrowed the word from the Mongol/Tungusta culture, and used it to describe similar practices in all cultures, believing it to be less perjorative than the previous term, "witch doctor". The accepted plural in English is "shamans". I've always thought using the word outside of the Mongol culture- for Native Americans, for example- is a kind of misappropriation by proxy, but that is a minority opinion. I guess it is easier than memorizing all the native words, but I think it glosses over some important cultural differences. As I said, I'm just kind of anal about the subject.

Jason said...

I've LOVED this movie since it first came out.

I have the advance poster framed in my stairwell. Whenever my three-year-old walks by it she always says, "I want to watch that movie!" I always say, "Someday."

At the top of the poster it says, "Not since 'The Godfather' has there been a portrait of gangsterism as powerful as this audacious, electrifying masterpiece from the Coen brothers" - Guy Flatley, Cosmopolitan

I totally agree.

kimc said...

Joel -- thanks. If it helps any, I'm one eighth Mongolian.