Monday, February 09, 2009

That's my (best friend's) boy!

Jana-who-creates reports the following conversation as they were walking into church yesterday

JWC: So, who's your favorite Nintendo character?

ZombieKid: I like Luigi, but I also like Wario.

JWC: Wario? Isn't he a bad guy?

ZK: He's really more of an anti-hero

JWC: Really? What's an Antihero like?

ZK: He's a jerk, but he's doing good things anyway and nobody understands that. He's misunderstood.

JWC: Can you give another example, like from Harry Potter?

ZK: Snape!


Ps. We all saw Coraline and liked it a lot. The 3d is especially cool.

Pps. At least every couple of weeks, this same child sends me an email with a blank subject line and only the words "I like cheese" in the body.


LinguistFriend said...

This is a religious blog, so Ps. stands for psalm, right? And maybe Pps for (censored)?

L said...

Zombiekid is just way too cool. How many kids know what an anti-hero is? Or support them?

Lisa M. Orange said...

I should see if I could get on Zombiekid's e-mailing list. Or maybe he'd rather send cheese missives to E & C.

Chalicechick said...

He would LOVE that. Send me an email with you guys' info and I will forward it to him and to theGnome.