Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A famous name

I have never liked songs with my name.

Ok, in high school, a guy whom I thought was cute wrote the lyrics to the chorus of that "Suzy-Q, baby I love you" song, one line at a time, on a bunch of pages of my yearbook in the lower right corner so that one could flip through and read the song line by line.

That was ok. I mean, he didn't love me, he was just being silly, but it was still highly acceptable.

And "Goin' Over to Susan's House ('cuz I can't be alone tonight)" by the Eels is the only song with my name in it I actually like, and the song has very little to do with Susan and is hella depressing.

And then there's "A boy named Sue," and I don't know if that counts or not.

But I'm not a fan of say, "Runaround Sue," "Ol' Suzannah" and, goodness knows, "Wake up litte Suzy"

But they aren't particularly complimentary to the ladies being sung about, and they weren't written about me.

I guess that's the difference between my, at best, ambivalence about Susan songs and the reaction of the real Peggy Sue



Wilson Wonders said...

Not a whole lotta songs with "Chick" in the title huh? And, okay, so I know its before your time, but how would you have liked going through the 70s with people calling you "Angie Baby"? That "chick" was crazy!

Joel Monka said...

You must not be listening to the right Suzie songs. There's a pretty good old blues standard, "Satisfy Suzie". There's not a good video online of it, just this family act . There's also good "Suzie" songs by Styx , Ben Harper , Tesla , even Elvis .

Steve Caldwell said...

At least your name isn't Delia:

Delia's Gone-Johnny Cash

When my daughter Delia was seven years old, we rarely found anything any children's products embossed with her name.

Wow - we thought - a song with her name in the title.

It was a mistake to let her see the video.

Red Sphynx said...

But what the heck has happened to the popularity of the name 'Susan'?


Steven Rowe said...

you're way to young to recall "Susan" by the Buckinghams (peacked at #11 in 1967); could be worse, imagine thse named Timothy back in 1971 with a hit song about canabalism.

Comrade Kevin said...

Nor have I liked songs with my name in it, either. I suppose it comes down to being self-conscious.