Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If they ever make a "Lucius Fox fights crime" movie, I will go.

But I may never go to another Batman movie, especially in this "Batman the neocon" franchise that to me has the budget of a blockbuster yet the feel of some Emo kid college student's senior project.

Hated it. HATED IT.

More later, perhaps in the morning.

Oh, and for my money Gary Oldman deserves the oscar if anyone's getting one.



Anonymous said...

I've heard the latest Batman movie described as supportive of fascism; this is the first time I've heard him referred to as a neo-con. Interesting. I'm reminded of some of the buzz that occurred after the release of V for Vendetta.

Anonymous said...

The film certainly explores what is means to be part of a democracy / to have rule by the majority - and in particular, our responses to those who see to undermine liberal, democratic values.

It also explores the motivations behind anarchist and terrorist movements - whether they are for material gain, alternative ideology or just because ultimately they have a deep-anger at the world as it is and want to see it destroyed.

I think the charge that the film promotes fascism or the neo-conservative politics is an over-reaction and simplistic.

Also, the implication that fascism and neo-conservatism are somehow linked or equal in their 'ewww nastiness' is to put it blunt, propaganda.

For a start Fascist leaders like Hitler came from a working-class left-wing background and advocated many left-wing policies aimed at alleviating the poverty of the working-class. Secondly, leaders like Hitler (and Stalin who came from a similar angle) created far more human misery than the likes of Bush.

And before you start, I speak as someone who votes regularly for centre-left parties / candidates so I'm not a defender of Bush or his neo-con allies.

I just get frusrated at the middle-class, 'liberal' pseudo-intellectual smugness radiating from blogs such as this.

Chalicechick said...

Ummm... Anonymous, you almost have to be new here given some of the assumptions you've made about my politics. Suffice to say, stick around and you will be pleasantly surprised.

That said, I'd suggest you read my posts a little more carefully before responding. While H sofia mentions that she's heard other people call it supportive of facism, and I found it neo-con-ish, nobody equated the two so you spend most of your response arguing against a point that nobody here has made.


Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is wrong about Hitler. His claims to a left-wing background were propaganda, not anything having to do with policies.