Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Political Genius" doesn't even begin to cover it

Bill Clinton was just on the radio as I drove in to work this morning and was absolutely fantastic. He was funny and engaging and sounded completely in love with Hillary and proud and impressed. He said nice things about everyone in the race, but most of all crowed about his wife.

He told a joke that Huckabee had told about him, laughing at himself and noting how funny it was. He did a nice job playing up what a wonderful person Huckabee was, I'm assuming because he doesn't want the Republican candidate to be decided while the Democrats are still fighting amongst themselves.

He was completely brilliant, yet I would totally hang out with him. It was awesome.

Aware that doesn't say anything about either candidate.


ogre said...

Yeah. My preference for Obama hasn't changed my view that Bill Clinton is the finest politician of his era. Bar none.

Comfortable in his own skin, self-assured, able to laugh at himself, charming....

If we hadn't had presidential term limits, I suspect that Bill might be running for his 5th term, and we'd be hearing noise about him and FDR....

Comrade Kevin said...

He is a hard person not to like. He has an inherent knack of communication and being so darned personable.

Perhaps that is why so many of us were shocked when Angry Bill came out after Hillary lost South Carolina.

Sometimes, however, I must admit that I doubt his authenticity. He is, after all, a politician. But then again, Chalice Chick, I am skeptical of all politicians, even the ones I support. :-)