Sunday, February 24, 2008

I like Obama, too, but I loved this.


Stephanie said...

Love that!

PG said...

Thanks for that -- I hadn't seen it.

Rush Limbaugh criticizing anyone's physical appearance always astounds me. Yeah, he's on the radio, but he put his face on his books. We know what he looks like, and it ain't pretty.

Comrade Kevin said...

Bitches have to resort to nasty tactics to prove they're just as tough as men?

Bitches have to be mean-spirited to be taken seriously?

Maybe that's part of reclaiming epithets, but I am so ambivalent and torn on that topic.

I'm a Quaker, which was originally a pejorative term and I'm not going to insist on being called "a friend" because the original use of Quaker was meant as an insult but to me "bitch" has such negative, hurtful connotations, I'm not sure how anyone could wear it as a badge of honor.

Yes, you're proclaiming how you are sticking it to Patriarchy, but how easily that phrase can be misinterpreted.