Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CC and her Momma

I'm very excited about a project I have to do for my Civil Procedure class. I'm supposed to sit in on Landlord Tenant Court for a few cases and write about what I see.

This is especially cool because the ChaliceMom works for a low-income housing project and takes people to landlord tenant court. (Not often, mind you.) The other day, I told theCSO that I was looking forward to writing it up.

"Plaintiff: My Momma," I said.

"Defendant: Yo Momma," he added.

Well, maybe you had to be there. But it was funny at the time.



Comrade Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

I sued a slumlady in Milwaukee once, for refusing to either give us our security deposit back or explain why she felt entitled to withhold it. It was very gratifying to watch the judge make her write out the check right then and there. She was truly a nightmare.

We have luckily had very nice landlords since then.

PG said...

That's really cool that you're getting a real life assignment. It reminds me of the process to be accepted to the Delaware bar; unlike most other states (e.g. NY), DE requires people not only to pass the bar exam and the Character & Fitness interview, but also to perform literally dozens of tasks, most of which consist of observing and taking notes on various kinds of proceedings (family court, superior court, chancery court, the selection of a jury for a criminal trial, for a civil trial, etc.) but also performing lawyerly tasks like doing a title search. I would hate to have to go through all that if I knew I was going to be a transactional attorney who never went to any kind of court, but it's still a really great system if the state is genuinely serious about ensuring that people accepted to the bar actually know something practical.