Sunday, July 31, 2005

My type of Vacation

We went to church this morning. (Linguist friend knew that if we went to his church where they were doing a service on Native American weaving, that he'd be reading snarkiness about it for months ahead, so we went to the church in the next town over and heard a politics sermon.)

Question: Politics sermon guy posited that "N" myers briggs types were liberals and "S" types were conservatives. I can basically see where this is coming from and am categorized correctly as an INTP moderate democrat, but am not sold. Should I be?

He did talk down to conservatives, but made an admirable effort not to, though he looses OKayness points for blatantly assuming that everyone in the room was a liberal. (Interestingly enough, he made the point that some "S" types did go to UU churches, but he didn't carry that one through to its logical conclusion.)

For new readers, I'm not a conservative, but I play one at work and have come to the conclusion that not all of them suck and that the best way to make real change in the country is to keep a dialogue going. If that dialogue includes namecalling and making a bunch of assumptions, real change is going to be that much harder to achieve. (Which, to sermon guy's credit, was the general jist of his sermon.)

Then my linguist friend and I went to the Toledo Museum, where we saw too much modern art for his taste and too much Christian art for mine, but both basically left happy campers. Now he has gone off to read or sleep. So I think I shall do the same.

Realizing that church, art museum, read, sleep probably describes the ideal INTP vacation day.

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Anonymous said...

I know plenty of lefties who are concrete thinkers and concrete feelers (ST and SF), and I know conservatives (yes I do) who intuit possibilites. I think the sermon is speculation, the wishful thinking of an intuitive in love with their their own way of percieving the world.

I think it is a misuse of the MBTI, and the Association of Psychological Types would call it unethical. What an invitation to a rant. (I am ENFP and always trying to be concrete, logical and think before I speak.)