Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ethical Eating Project: Day 4

Three energy bars for breakfast

Clam chowder and three cups of skim milk for lunch.

Going to a friend's house for dinner. Won't track there.


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Three energy bars (570 cal) 1.50

Can of clam chowder (280 calories) 1.50
One organic tomato @ .80 (22 calories)

Total for the day: 3.80

Remaining money: $78.03

ADDED LATER: As Cubit pointed out in the comments, I had the wrong day. Ate pretty simple stuff today then had dinner at a friend's. I had wondered if I would eat a lot more the first time I had the chance to eat for free. I really didn't.

Will update numbers and stats tomorrow.


cubit said...

I think the lack of food has affected your ability to count. Aren't you on Day Four?

Cubit said...

Perhaps the lack of food is affecting your ability to count. Aren't you on Day Four?