Sunday, September 26, 2010

...and we're back!

Sorry it has been an unofficial hiatus. I'm conflicted every time life gets busy because while leaving with no explanation seems rather rude, to me people who post something along the lines of "I'm cutting back on my blogging and feel the need to tell you so" every few weeks are worse. It always feels like people on BBses who would lose an argument, announce grandly that they were leaving and then be back to posting within days.

Of course, it is possible that I shouldn't worry so much about what people think of me, a criticism that has been made of me before. (The reverse criticism has, of course, also been made.)

Life goes on. TheCSO and LinguistFriend are well. Joe the Math guy is fine as far as I know, though we haven't talked in a bit. Cerulean and Forties Girl are having a kid, so I am planning my third baby shower. I owe you guys some seven postings on books I've read that I didn't expect to like. The annoying thing is, I've read the books. Expect a posting on Charlotte Bronte's "Villette" as soon as I can figure out how I felt about it.

Speaking of books, I hit what I like to think of as a "clutter event horizon" a few weeks ago and have been doing massive decluttering. If you live in my 'hood and would like some books, give me a topic and you can have any books on that topic I deem superfluous.

The new church year is starting and I'm back with my adorable and brilliant youth. I'm feeling optimistic about the direction of my church, even though I don't know what the direction of the church is yet exactly. I tend to be a fan of change within instutitions (except when they redecorate. I pretty much always hate that.)

Anyway, expect more postings.

Love and kisses,



Lizard Eater said...

"clutter event horizon" -- would love to know about this and your progress. Now that I've gotten rid of my hair, I'm ready to get rid of other superfluous stuff.

Chalicechick said...

So far, I'm going room-to-room, 20 minutes a day, with a specific focus on clutter that is in the way and that I have to move or walk around.

Better Homes and Gardens hasn't called, but it's an improvement.


Chalicechick said...

Also, by far the most annoying part is getting rid of stuff that is too nice to throw out but that I don't need. I can take books to Edie's and her rejects to the library and clothes and shoes to a charity bin that accepts them. Food can go to my church. But everything else has to go to the Goodwill that's several miles of dense suburbia away. A smarter person would save up her donations and then call Goodwill to come get them, but I'm worried that they'd just end up lost in the shuffle again. So I drive aways just to get rid of a dog bed the pup has outgrown...