Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heh. I'm a simple creature and I love this stuff

You know those annoying radio commercials where the president of a indentity-theft-defense outfit gives out his social security number and challenges people to steal his identity?

His identity has been stolen 13+ times.

Criminal Justice *Headdesk* of the day. If you were worried that Ryan Frederick, who shot a police officer who was raiding his house in the middle of the night because an informant said there were marijuana plants growing in his greenhouse* might be freed, don't, Frederick's appeal was just denied.

*There was $25 worth of pot in the guy's house. The plants in the greenhouse were Japanese maples.


kimc said...

Does this mean his product doesn't work? Or does it just mean you shouldn't challenge people to steal your identity?

Cerulean said...

What's a "radio ad"?