Friday, March 27, 2009

Minor Lawbreaking

Since the bar looms in front of me, albeit two years in front of me, but seriously, nothing has loomed quite like this since I was planning my wedding, I've noticed that I have way cut down on minor lawbreaking. I was telling someone this this other day and they looked at me like "What? When you rob convenience stores, you no longer carry a firearm?"

No, actually, I meant various minor driving infractions, also now if I'm at a party and people start using drugs I feel I have to leave, and if somebody says "Sorry about your headache. I don't have any ibuprofen on me, want to try a Tramadol?" the answer is "No." Or should have been that one time. But anyway, never, ever do that.

Part of this is just getting older, but part of it is the clear and ever-present knowledge that if, say, theCSO and I get it on in a park and get caught, I'm going to have to explain it in my bar applications. Not a happy thought.

Anyway, there's a large and fairly amusing discussion of minor lawbreaking here.



PG said...

FYI, some folks are boycotting Jezebel because of this.

Robin Edgar said...

Yes, all things considered, it would be best for you to hold off as much as possible on any minor, or indeed major, law breaking until *after* you are accepted as a member of the Bar Association CC.

Anyway, there's a tiny but fairly amusing discussion of minor lawbreaking by a Queen's Counsel lawyer who just happens to be a Montreal U*U archived here on the CFUU forum. . . ;-)