Friday, April 11, 2008

Bleg: Fun places for a girls' weekend?

Due to a confluence of sci-fi and gaming related events, Jana-who-creates and I will be husbandless and childless for memorial day weeked.

We want to do something fun, preferably with a high awesomeness-to-cost ratio. Vegas's awesomeness is high, but the cost in time and money was a little too high for a weekend. Camping is cheap, but not very awesome, especially when I'm around, because I bitch A LOT.

We know there are lots of places where we could stay in a B and B and bum around an artsy little town. That's kinda the default.

Any other ideas?

Within driving distance of DC is a big plus, obviously.

who is lobbying for this, but wants some more options.


Stephanie said...

Despite actually living in your part of the country as a child, I know very little of it. But have you see this?

It's kept me amused for a while, and works for all states. I like the idea of wine tasting, but I think that might be not appropriately awesome enough for you.

And, yes, Las Vegas is always really expensive when I've been there. Other people seem to get deals though.

fausto said...

Luray Caverns.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rodin Museum, Reading Terminal Market, and Independence National Historical Park.



epilonious said...

My birthday party

We're gonna do a rifftrax viewing, have tons of food, and I live in Roswell where there are probably a bunch of little bed and breakfasts.

And since you will be flying into a hub city, if you book now it will probably cheap.

Also... I'll drive you around Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I had a fabulous girls weekend in Louisville, KY a couple of years ago. Stay at the Gault House Hotel. Tour the Woodford Reserve bourbon distillery. Go to King's Dominion amusement park (although it sounds like a goth club), eat amazing brazilian food (randomly, there are great brazilian restaurants in Louisville), go to the Louisville Slugger factory... seriously, it's a fun town. You'll have a blast.

PG said...

I can try to hook you up with a Marriott timeshare on the Jersey shore near Atlantic City. Gambling and tackiness, but also beaches and spa.

PeaceBang said...

Atlantic City, baby! Or Rehobeth Beach in DE...

Will said...


This from wifey whom I consulted about your search:

"Go to Berkley Springs WV - fabulous. There are several cheap & fun B&Bs, a funky wine bar and great spas. Best spa is Atasia - schedule your weekend around a massge by owner Frankie Tan. Best massage ever for about $70. Eat dinner at a great restaurant called Lot-something (Lot 7? Lot 9?). Amazing weekend - trust me"

She and her college roommate go there for a weekend in the fall every year.

Anonymous said...

I am working on a business plan for a company that helps women plan girls weekends. I live in Minnesota and plan to collaborate with local businesses to provide an ala carte option for women.

Would you use a service like this if it was available to you?

Will said...

Well? Where'd you end up going?