Monday, May 07, 2007

Katy-the-Wise on the Green Sanctuary Program

Some years ago, Katy-the-Wise gave me a bunch of her old sermons and said I was welcome to edit them into a book if I felt so strongly she should write one. (And I did, and I do.) I jumped into the project with great enthusiasm, only to discover that putting her sermons into cohesive book would be like trying to make a chain of eggs. Each sermon is so tightly-written and self-contained.

But Sermons like this one remind me why I thought the project was such a good idea in the first place.


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Anonymous said...

I read an interesting scientific article on climate change. It said that not only is it human-caused, but is traceable all the way back to the advent of agriculture. We've been causing global warming for thousands of years. Those "natural climate cycles" that the global warming scoffers like to bring up do exist, it's just that if we were not affecting them, we would be deep into an ice age now. We are on the downward slope of a cooling cycle according to where Earth is in its orbit around the sun.
That sermon makes some good points, but doesn't really propose a solution. It seems to me that the solution is that, since we cannot do much alone, we must band together and insist on better environmental standards for our cars, trucks, factories, power plants, and all of the causes of pollution of all types. What we can't do alone, we may be able to do together.