Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Well, that clears it up.

We are not without resources here at the Chaliceblog.

CC, in fact, is close buds with an actual Bureau of Labor Statistics Economist. The only pagan economist she knows, Voodoo Economics jokes unwelcome.

Asked for comment on the Okrent/Krugman situation (and totally unaware that her answer would be blogged), CC's friend responded:

My first inclination was to respond "who
cares." Then I thought that was a bit too harsh so I thought of the more
studious but ultimately smarmy response; "we at BLS are used to having our
numbers manipulated." Ultimately I went with a "c'est la vie" response:
"Mon dieu...z people ze la...when there is z wine, life, love to la"

Heard it here first, kids.



PG said...

I'm sure your friend knows what she's doing, but I've been wary of the Bureau of Labor Statistics ever since they offered me work. I made Cs in all the math-y econ courses and graduated with a B average only because I took a lot of "soft" econ classes (antitrust, gender, welfare reform, regulation, law & econ). If some of the people they're hiring are as dumb as I, no wonder the numbers are a bit squiggly.

Chalicechick said...

Wanna REALLY be scared?

The defense department wanted to hire ME!