Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Curse my smart and interesting friends.

CC has a bad habit of befriending and bloquaintancing professors and ministers.

Never does she feel this more deeply than late spring. Right now, Ministrare readies himself for rest. CC’s linguist friend is planning a road trip to LA. CC’s smart friend Pam is in Florida. Joe the mathematician has seen the star wars movie innumerable times, and Margaret-who-knows-about-pots is no doubt off to Mexico soon. Peacebang’s biggest complaint is that when she goes to Italy to drink gelato every day, she has to pay extra as to not share a hotel room.

Meanwhile, CC called 120 (literally) lobbyists today, trying to persuade them to attend a function for a certain New England congressman who can’t seem to keep himself out of the newspaper.

Right up until the June 30th FEC deadline, she will be throwing fundraisers and working her tail off trying to get promised campaign contributions in. After that, there’s fundraisers for everybody who decided to put off their fundraisers until right before summer recess.

Duing summer recess, we update the database (the least fun work we do all year) and prepare for fall, when, historically, every client we have decides to throw a major fundraiser in the middle two weeks of September.

Not that being a professor or minister isn’t hard work. It is. Probably way harder than planning parties.

But still, y’all suck.



PeaceBang said...

Gelato, my darling, is ice cream. And I won't be drinking or eating any in Italy this summer. I was FANTASIZING, honeychile!!

But yes, this time of year, we do suck. It makes the wee morning calls from the hospital, the 56-hour weekends, and the 4-nights out-at-meetings-per-week, and giving up Christmas worth it.

Chalicechick said...

In Italy in the summer, you'll be drinking it.

If I could gift wrap my christmas and give it to you, I would. I hate Christmas.