Sunday, March 16, 2008

A petition I actually would have signed in church

but the UUs aren't getting behind it.

Oh well.



h sofia said...

It's sponsored by a beer brand ...?

Chalicechick said...

I was kidding.


PG said...

Nothing embitters one against St. Pat's like spending it in NYC, where people are getting (presumably) drunk and (definitely) obnoxious at 10am.

kim said...

If St. Pat's day were made a legal holiday, could we then also make Servetus Day a legal holiday? I'm sure there are others too -- heck, we could be on holiday almost as much as the French.

h sofia said...

"I was kidding."

Oh! Whew!

PG said...

I suspect that if this petition ever got serious, there would be heavy separation-of-church-and-state arguments against adding another religious holiday to the federal calendar, or at least opposition to a specifically Catholic holiday from John Hagee types who fear the papists.