Friday, March 14, 2008

My college roommate's husband wants to name their firstborn "Dweezil"

This is for her.

who changed the spelling of her name when she was 14 because she thought her name was boring.


Melani said...

...and the second, Jaromir.


It's not happening.

kim said...

We used to know a couple who named their firstborn (a girl) "Groovy". I mentioned it to someone in conversation and they said, "Oh, I know them!" so I asked what happened to Groovy. She said when she turned 14 she changed her name to "Lisa".

When I was named Kim, it was a very unusual name, and there were as many male Kims as female. Later it got popular, but only for girls. I must admit, I preferred it being rare.

h sofia said...

It's less important to me how a name sounds as what it means, but I always say, "If it's really weird, try calling yourself that for a few weeks before giving it to your kid."

As far as I know, Dweezil is a nickname that Frank Zappa had for his wife's toes or something. Naming your kid after someone else's wife's toe just seems ... misplaced.

But Dweezil Zappa turned out fine (being rich and the son of a famous musician notwithstanding), so it doesn't have to kill you.

Keep in mind I'm married to a man who wants to name our firstborn son Optimus.

Comrade Kevin said...

My grandfather was named Uail. It's some obscure biblical name from the Old Testament, but when he went into the service during World War II, the army recruiter decided to change his name the way HE thought it needed to be spelled: Eual.

And it remained that way the rest of his life.

PG said...

Part of the reason I'm not changing my last name when I get married is that I like having an unusual last name (mine isn't common even back in India, though my first name is).