Thursday, March 06, 2008

More on "stuff white people like"

I've read a bit of the media and blog coverage of the "stuff white people like" web page and I keep seeing one comment over and over again.

People write "Hey, this is stuff that UPPER MIDDLE CLASS white people like!"

Um, duh?

It's a stereotype?

Y'all don't think the stereotypical white person is a yuppie?

Of course not every white person matches the stereotype, any more than every black person could be a logical addition to a Tyler Perry play

Though I think a lot of the commenters are protesting too much. You don't see a little of yourself in the site's claims that white people love to feel like they are saving the world, love to get graduate degrees and/or love to feel like they are more enlightened than everyone else on cultural issues?




Shannon said...

I have actually really enjoyed looking at it. Its a good look at stereotypes, and a good chance to question ourselves about the stereotypes we fulfill. And on top of that, its really well written. I don't get why people are so up in arms about it.

Chalicechick said...

I agree with all of that.


h sofia said...

I haven't spent much time at the site, but from what I saw, white people did come up with a lot of those social mores and preferences. I mean, come on - "Oscar parties?" White people def. came up with that. I have been to a few (and maybe only ONE of the attendees was well off), and except for two Asian looking guys (one of them being my husband), I was the only person of color every time.

Some of the things they listed I appreciate or enjoy (e.g. Oscar parties) but having gone from a pretty low income inner city life surrounded by POC to a mostly white, suburban middle-to-upper middle income lifestyle, I can definitely tell you that I've learned those tastes through my interactions with white folks.

It's not like any of these things are bad, anyway. (Except gentrification; that's kind of bad. And standing still at concerts - except they forgot to mention the one wild chick who will be doing her pilates dance moves as close to the stage as she possibly can, regardless of the musical genre). I mean, Michel Gondry and Mos Def are both pretty awesome.

Chutney said...

There are two main stereotypes of white people: the redneck and the yuppie. I grew up being afraid people would think I was one, and now I'm afraid of being the other.

kim said...

Chutney -- for some reason, that comment made me think of Oklahoma (the musical) and
"OH, the redneck and the yuppie should be friends...."


PG said...

There are two main stereotypes of white people: the redneck and the yuppie.

Spot-on. Except even being a redneck is viewed as cute these days -- I just discovered CMT's "My Big Redneck Wedding." I saw one wedding on there that was absolutely endearing and I know the couple will stay together a lot longer than the folks who show up on the "my wedding cost $1mil+" show. The attendants wore jeans and John Deere tshirts; the groom got his gift for the bride from one of the claw machines that you feed quarters; the 40 something bride had dentures. But they were in perfect harmony on all of this and using beer cans as wedding decorations. Real love!

Comrade Kevin said...

I too believe that the redneck and the yuppie can co-exist peacefully. :-)

PG said...

Of course, it's more socially acceptable to enjoy a site about the stereotypical white person than the stereotypical black person -- because yuppie stereotypes are essentially positive (traveled! educated! intellectually curious!) and ghetto stereotypes aren't.

PG said...

Which is why we have this instead of the uneducated one.