Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I sort of envy the people who wash windows in office buildings.

It looks like a fun job.


Chance said...

No, it looks terrifying. :-p

Z said...

I agree with chance. I am not fond of heights. But, if you like them, enjoy. Just stay safe...please.



LinguistFriend said...

I recall when I was a child and my father would have some operation that he needed to be done at the peak of the mast of his sloop, a very old-fashioned vessel even when it was built just before WWII. I was stable enough and had learned enough about rigging and knots, that he would hoist me up in the bosun's chair, to the level of the cross-tree, and I would do what needed doing, but in subdued terror. The window-cleaner's job looks like that, times ten.

kim said...

While I'm not scared of heights, I suspect the job to be a bit short on intellectual stimulation, though the view is good.