Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Not too long ago, CC made photocopies and filed and ran down to the deli for snacks for people and mailed things.

Now she has two wonderful ladies in her office who do these things for her so she can research, draft motions, answer interrogatories and write letters.

A secretary's day not too long ago, CC got a gift card and a handshake, then went back to photocopying and filing and running to the deli and mailing things.

This morning, CC dropped forty bucks on two plants in cute planters and two funny cards and she is already at her desk doing research, drafting motions, answering interrogatories and writing letters.

What they say is so true. Tis better to give than to recieve.


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Working Gal said...

This is such a nice message - I, too used to do all of that stuff, and am now also an attorney and really couldn't get through my day with our support staff.

I found your blog just by searching for other UU bloggers - I guess I am just starting to "come out" on my blog as UU -- I'm close to writing a whole post about it - it's always hard to cross the line on what is basically a "fun blog" and start talking religion and politics - but it feels right.

That was way more than you wanted to know I'm sure! I'm adding you to my blogroll once I get around to updating it! Great blog you have here!