Sunday, April 01, 2007

Church of the Water Cooler

If, perhaps you've only been a UU for fifteen minutes or so, it's remotely possible that you haven't heard enough "Yes, we have no religion" jokes about UUism for one lifetime.

Should this be the case, feel free to check out this admittedly nicely done UU World Parody.

I realize it's April Fools day and I'm supposed to laugh, but geez, I hate it when people go for the tired joke...



UUpdater said...

Interesting, funny thing is I doubt Mr. Stokes had ever heard of UUs prior to my contacting him, let alone our tired jokes. The idea was an article to play on his "God, Inc." You Tube series, and needing some way to tie it into UUism thus the affiliation. The idea being new thoughts finding a home. I can understand the reaction though. Glad you thought it was nicely done.

Oh, and of course you inspired the "I'll be Damned" line.

Christine Robinson said...

I totally agree about the "yes we have no relition," jokes. I've been working on my collection of jokes with a different punch line..some are posted at