Monday, November 21, 2005

OK, now be MY Fodor's

TheCSO's and my afore-written-about Thanksgiving with our Vegan friends fell through, so now we are going to Petey's house in Atlanta.

Anybody know of fun stuff to do in Atlanta or good restaurants where we can take our host?



Anna said...

We have eaten at many neat places in the Virginia Highland neighborhood. The part that is on Highland street closest to Ponce de Leon Ave. has a great Pizza place and some pubs. It's a good area to visit because it has cool shops as well as restaurants. My husband's favorite book store is there, and one of the neatest hardware stores I've ever seen.

Let me know if you had any particular cuisine in mind and I can give you specific suggestions of places we have been.

(Can you tell we eat out way too much?)


Kim said...

I can't help you myself becuase I've never been there, but you might want to ask at

indrax said...

I've only been in Atlanta to transfer flights. The moving sidewalks in the airport were a blast. Not to be missed!

The airport also has a train, but I didn't want to risk getting lost, so I didn't try it.

Psyton said...

Well, I live in Roswell/Sandy-Springs.... I haven't been to Virginia Highlands that much because it's the complete opposite end of the city. I think the lowest I have gone is Decatur...

Otherwise, most of the stuff I like is in Roswell and I seem to keep locating sushi restaurants... I think Ian has been "Introduced" to circle sushi twice (I seem to keep forgetting he has been before).