Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CC can't sleep

I should be pretty happy tonight. I emailed back and forth all day with a buddy of mine who used to work at Cato. We were gently debating voter turnout. I may not like politics in church, but I do actually do this stuff for a living and I dig a good conversation about voter turnout. Especially when I'm right. Which I was. Northern Virginia did turn out, delivering us a Democratic governor who did a great job of being "not odious" on the campaign trail, which was all the race really required given that his opponent reminds one of Mr. Garrison from South Park, but evil.

Way back in June, I linked to a story about turning politically damaging recordings into ringtones and commented on what political genius it was. Now if you want a "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job!" ringtone, you know where to find one. I'd get one, but it has "The Train they call the City of New Orleans," in the background as Bush speaks and I found out recently that song still depresses me.



Kathy said...

Hi, CC ... a quick note that I have linked to your post!

The Emerson Avenger said...

Hi CC,

Did you know that "Calice" is a curse word up here in Quebec? ;-)

You might want to respond to this recent post of mine to the American Unitarian forum. Most ironically I came across your not very nice and really rather naughty words while doing a Google search on - "Robin Edgar" will find out about UUs - for my parody of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town on my Emerson Avenger blog.

BTW Speaking of making ringtones out of politically damaging recordings. . . I recently obtained the complete audio recordings of my criminal trial. There are some really hilarious snippets that I intend to post to the internet or podcast etc. One of the funniest is this one coutesy of fundamentalist atheist "Humanist" UU Val Bourdon, who not unsurprisingly has a bit of an anti-catholic streak in him. . . responding to my cross-examination about which of my picket sign slogans he considered to be libelous or intimidating -

"Une église qui n'est pas très catholique"?

That's a fact!

Actually I just might use that bit of UU foot-in-mouth disease, along with some other damaging recordings taken from the criminal trial proceedings, as part of my ongoing protest activities outside of the Unitarian Church of Montreal.