Monday, May 16, 2011


At about 5:00pm today, I finished law school. Like, emailed in my last bit of work for my clinical program. Then a client called. But by six, i was gone

At 9:30am tomorrow, my bar prep class for the Virginia Bar Exam begins, either right on time or a week late for the early bar prep portion, depending upon one's perspective. I'm taking bar prep with WickedSmartBetsy, my case team partner from Clinic.

So far, there's been an online video intro by a lady who uses the word "physically" excessively.

Updates are probably going to be sporadic for the Chaliceblog, probably from now on. But I'm guessing you knew that by now.



Heather said...

Congratulations---and good luck!

epilonious said...

Congratusorry... but in a good way. :)

Lilylou said...

Congratulations, CC! What a long haul it's been for you, and yet, I hope, very satisfying. Best wishes as you advance in your career. And Human Rights law seems right up your alley. I'm really happy for you.

Joel Monka said...

Conga Rats!

Strange Attractor said...

Congratulations! Are you doing something special for yourself to celebrate?

Chutney said...