Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm not the easiest girl to appall. But I'm appalled.


Ps. I googled the lady who left that book review and discovered she is your basic troll who wanders around the internet posting nastiness wherever she can. For example, she really doesn't like Jews.


kimc said...

Perhaps the "MD" after Shawna Murray's name stands for "mad dog"? :-)

Adam Snider said...

For what it's worth, House definitely does not have Aspberger's. I've known people with Aspberger's and, while I'm certainly not attempting to defend the "reviewer" in question, I suspect that not too many of them would be particularly successful psychiatrists (which isn't to say that no one with Aspberger's could ever be a good psychiatrist).

Chalicechick said...

A. We don't know is if this person actually has Asperger Syndrome, we just know this crazy person thinks he does.

B. People with all sorts of mental and physical disabilities can surprise us. There's a difference between "not probable" and "not possible."

C. Besides, a psychiatrist is not a therapist. Psychiatrists listen to symptoms, make diagnoses and prescribe medication. Forensic psychiatrists, the type who end up testifying in court, mostly do diagnosis. The touchy-feely stuff therapists need to do doesn't have as much of a place in psychiatry.

D. My guess is that neither of us is qualified to diagnose Dr. House. That said, Dr. House has a lot of the qualities that one who was trying to make a case that a person with Asperger syndrome couldn't be a psychiatrist might cite. But of course he doesn't have it, he's fictional.

E. All that notwithstanding, the woman's central premise is "This man is a bad psychiatrist because he has Asperger syndrome. So this book must not be very good." And the book is great, at least partially because the authors are really good at putting themselves in the shoes of a psychiatrist who has been called to testify for the first time, is nervous and doesn't know what to do. Most people who don't think folks wiht Asperger's would be good psychiatrists likely wouldn't think someone with Asperger's was capable of working on a book like that, either.